Self-Guided Tour Fee

  • $20.00

Self-Guided Tours are $20 for each group of 20, payable here. The cost of admission for each visitor will need to be paid on-site, on the day of the visit.

Self-guided tours are available for instructors and outside tour operators who wish to gather and/or lecture in the galleries during New Museum hours.

If your group is larger than twenty, more than one self-guided tour should be reserved. Each group should be led by a tour guide (e.g. an instructor or an outside tour operator). Due to space limitations, guides may be asked to reroute their groups during the tour.

Self-guided tours for youths ages thirteen to eighteen are required to have at least one adult chaperone per ten youths. Self-Guided groups are not available for classes and large groups of visitors under thirteen. Please see guided tour options.