Where Can We Be Found Cassette Edition by Frances Chang

  • $50.00

This is a signed and numbered artist’s edition cassette tape featuring the original score by Frances Chang from Where Can We Be Found? with complimentary Bandcamp digital download, produced in collaboration with Spirit Duplicator and EcoRove.

Where Can We Be Found? (2023; أين يمكن أن تجدنا؟) is a research project and film that focuses on the state of Lebanese Cedar trees (Cedrus libani) today, exploring the various ecologies that the tree inhabits and co-inhabits. Shown in two parts and accompanied by a pair of animated drawings, the film re-tells transhistorical narratives of the Cedar, which has been used since ancient times as a symbol of eternity and immortality. Tracing various degrees of human impact leading to the tree’s contemporary demise—for example, the disruption of its habitat due to climate change and extractive tourism—and its use as a civic emblem to craft the illusion of a distinct Lebanese identity, Where Can We Be Found? distinguishes the Lebanese Cedar as an autonomous being from the various ways in which it has been used as a national, cultural, and ecological symbol, or otherwise misconstrued. This video is currently on view at the New Museum from October 12, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Track list:
a1: Where Can We Be Found?
a2: Maps
a3: Public Worship
b1: Water Tables
b2: Metal Element

Edition of 50, signed and numbered by Frances Chang. Includes a digital download code for Bandcamp.

Frances Chang is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist living in New York. Frances’ practice combines use of conventional instrumentation, playful electronics, and poetry, and deals with disruptions in accepted reality and non-western and magical frameworks. Her score for Where Can We Be Found? questions how audio takes up space in a visual hierarchy, and invokes spiritual concentration via classic club sounds.

EcoRove, founded by Jumanah Abbas, Iyad Abou Gaida, & Em Joseph, is a collaborative, multi-media, research-based project examining the politics of critical zones and the livelihood of humans and non-human species who dwell in them. The initiative seeks to engage and expose a broad spectrum of voices and practices that narrate, document, and design the complex relationships that define ecosystems.

Spirit Duplicator is a press founded in 2015 and named after the copier that often printed in purple ink. We have our own spirit duplicator (a Roneo Model 50) but most of our pamphlets and books are printed using digital or risograph. The press is interested in the exchange between design and writing.
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