Mini Kinetic Ellipse Necklace by Broken Plates

  • $172.00

Broken Plates designer Gillian Preston creates her line of glass wearables designed to move with the body and refract the light at every angle. These Art Deco inspired translucent wearables use repetition to create their undulating forms. Each shape is cut using a CNC waterjet, allowing for each kinetic piece to be perfectly reproduced. After each shape is cut from the surface of colorful glass plates, they are sanded using diamond infused abrasives. This chain is threaded through a sterling silver tube that supports the individual glass pieces, allowing them to remain kinetic while also securely locking them in place. The bundle of kinetic glass pieces slides freely along the chain, making this necklace adjustable and very fidget friendly.

1.5 x 1.25 inches, gold filled chain 16 to 18 inches; cushion hinged box; made in USA.