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Fresh Hell

Sophia Al-Maria

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“What fresh hell is this? There’s an inferred question in the title of this issue. But it’s a rhetorical one. Because we know exactly what fresh hell this is. Fossil Fuel—that paralytic drug—has leeched into our collective bloodstream. It’s difficult to recognize the beasts that are eating us in this very moment.” —Sophia Al-Maria

The latest in the Happy Hypocrite series, Fresh Hell is a rush of full-bleed film stills, war-games images, oil industry pamphlets, and sexually explicit female imagery interspersed with interviews, illustrated stories, and provocative writings addressing the subject of oil.

Product Specs:

Item No. 10025509
Size 6.5” x 9”
ISBN 9781906012724
Pages 114 pp
Date 2015

New art. New ideas. New product.