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Reckless Deck Volume 1

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RECKLESS DECK is like rocket fuel for the creative process - not only does it remove the roadblock of judgement and second guessing, it also propels you faroutside your creative comfort zone. Enjoy spend less time "figuring out", and more time creating.

The original Reckless Deck, but re-designed and updated to fit within the newly expanded Reckless Deck universe! Volume 1 introduces the original 5 categories for creating endless new characters: Intrinsic Nature, Modifications, Weapons, Costumes, & Accessories.
72 distinct cards with foil-embossed backs span the genre gamut, including High Fantasy, Sci Fi, Steampunk, Horror, and Comics. Volume 1 offers a solid foundation of core, must-have essentials, plus a healthy dose of unexpected, imagination-firing oddities.

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New art. New ideas. New product.