Jennie Jieun Lee Ceramic Jars

  • $800.00

Jennie Jieun Lee is a ceramist known for her off-kilter shapes and painterly use of color. In her vessels Jennie taunts the Platonic ideal of a container; the mind registers the object before you as a vase or perhaps a bowl, but the eye sees chaotic, emotional gestures preserved in clay. Her creations are, themselves, a type of abstraction given depth then painted upon in a style evocative of Lee Krasner or Joan Mitchell.

Jennie Jieun Lee is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist who makes expressive, richly textured ceramics covered in abstract paintings with hints of representational imagery. She creates an array of objects including wheel-thrown, hand-altered vessels, masks and slip cast busts with morphing and multi-part features that mimic, articulate, and navigate emotional and psychological spaces. The lively deformations prominent in these works dismiss the stale notion of a strict fine art/craft dichotomy, which has considered ceramics inferior in the past. (Sold individually)