For Electra Fragrance by Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes

Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes x Pierce With Arrow

A mesmerizingly strange dreamlike state, falling deeper into a twisted vortex of rapturous passion and melancholy.

For Electra is a fragrance that sonically charts a journey through the rapturous and tragic terrains of love. “For Electra” is the first single released by PIERCE WITH ARROW on DAIS Records. Closely tracing the instrumentation and emotional landscape of the music, the fragrance travels through a twisted vortex of intense passion, arousal, heartbreak, longing, confusion and darkness.

Feeling: Aroused, Awe, Empowered, Open, Passionate, Rapturous, Stimulated, Tender, Warm, Sensuous.

Materials: floral, fresh, green, metallic, musky, woody, animalic (everlasting abs. basil, cassis, sauge sclaree, pink grapefruit, galbanum, geranium, incense, patchouli, black pepper, rose oil, amber, vetiver, soft animalic accord, moos, cashmere wood).

Perfumer: Mark Buxton