Amore Fragrance by Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes

  • $157.00

Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes x Ryuichi Sakamoto

Soft indentations of fingertips fade from the keys of a piano — playing the memories of a love that came, to pass.

Amore is an olfactive response to the auditory sensation and emotional canvas of “Amore” by Ryuichi Sakamoto — a musical composition that first appeared on SAKAMOTO’S eighth studio album in 1989, “Beauty”. This fragrance is the first in an ongoing body of scents that introduces the works of visionary musicians across a range of musical genres, and offers audiences a new sensory channel for accessing the spirt and emotions behind the music.

Feeling: Adored, Affectionate, Loving, Calm, Grateful, Open, Tender, Sensitive, Warm, Yearning.

Materials: floral, incense, metallic, musky, ambery, powdery (iris, violet, peony, sandalwood, patchouli, oakwood, cedarwood, incense, musk).

Perfumer: Mark Buxton