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My Papa and the Maid of Orléans and Other Grotesques


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Mynona’s other 1921 collection of grotesques is no less provocative and just as indefinable in nature—even close to a century after its original publication. These twelve off-kilter parabolic tales include items such as “The Chamber Pot as Lifesaver,” “The Art of Self-Embalming,” “The Maiden as Toothpowder,” “Your Panties Are Beautiful!” and “The Amorous Corpse.” E.T.A. Hoffmann meets Immanuel Kant through the unlikeliest of looking glasses as Mynona spins out quasi-mystical meetings between cosmic entities and drawing-room romantics: a starry-eyed Buster Keaton skirting along the philosophical and literary borders of topics such as cuckoldry, necrophilia, schizophrenia, the end of history and the love lives of objects.

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Item No. 10026259
Size 4.5" x 7"
ISBN 9781939663276
Pages 70 pp
Date August 22. 2017

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