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Maya Lin Colorado River Bracelets

Maya Lin

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An artwork created by Maya Lin available in two varieties; recycled sterling silver, 24k plated recycled sterling silver. This is the first in a series of river bracelets, with a new river being made every year.

Landscape is the context and the source of inspiration for Maya Lin’s artwork. She peers at the landscape through a twenty-first century lens, merging rational and technological order with notions of beauty and the transcendental. Utilizing technological methods to study and visualize the natural world, Lin takes micro and macro views of the earth, sonar resonance scans, aerial and satellite mapping devices and translates that information into sculptures, drawings and environmental installations. Her works address how we relate and respond to the environment, and presents new ways of looking at the world around us.

Product Specs:

Item No. mutli1060
Size 19cm
Date 2016

New art. New ideas. New product.