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Timeless Watch

Daniel Horowitz

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Timeless is is a unique editioned conceptual work by artist, Daniel Horowitz. Each clock and watch is hand-made by the artist, whereby a thin layer of metallic silver is deposited onto glass selectively coating it with AgNO 3. The series is autobiographical and serves as an implement to reflect on the meaning of time and self.

Through experiments in transmutation, the alchemists struggled to understand the elements that shape our existence, and therefore ourselves. The clock and the mirror are both inventions that have most radically influenced our perception of the world. Silvering of glass, is a process of illumination of identity. The mirror has played a formative role in shaping our sense of personal identity. It is almost impossible to pass by one’s reflection without taking pause. However, identity is something that is forever changing as is time, and so the fluid and appearance of the viewer, reflects a more authentic self.

Silver nitrate on glass, vintage wrist watch. Handmade unique edition of 99

Product Specs:

Item No. 10026528
Materials Silver nitrate on glass, vintage wrist watch
Date 2017

New art. New ideas. New product.