Nicolás De Jesús

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A Mexican Artist for Global Justice

This timely edition collects three decades of contemporary art by Nicolás De Jesús.

In this stunning selection, poetically subversive artist Nicolas De Jesús celebrates life and condemns injustice. De Jesús became known for his dazzling skeleton characters, depicted working, celebrating, walking the streets, or crossing borders etched on amate —a bark paper used in Pre-Columbian times to paint manuscripts. He also expressed his political commitments in powerful large-scale paintings and banners that tackle a wide range of urgent themes including immigration, human rights, and environmental instability. His artistic influences range from Mexican artistic traditions to international experience in cities like Chicago, Paris, and Jakarta.

De Jesús’s work also addresses crises as recent as the storming of the US Capitol, as well as the repression faced by migrants and Black Americans, and the disasters of COVID-19. Covering three decades of artwork, this book offers a challenge to the conventional definition of contemporary art and features essays by Felipe Ehrenberg, Patrice Giasson, Aline Hémond, Julian Kreimer, Caroline Perrée, and Pablo Piccato.

2022; hardcover; 9 x 11 inches; 176 pages, 75 color illustrations; ISBN: 9783777438443.