Lunar New Year Collection

  • $12.00

by ho mei do

This collection celebrates the wheel of the Chinese Zodiac. Legend has it that when the Earth Spirit was creating all things on the planet, it gathered 12 animals and held a race to determine the order of the Chinese Lunar Wheel. The wheel is shaped around a 12-year cycle that celebrates the 12 animals that ran the race: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep/ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Original watercolor art made into hard enamel pins; black rubber pin clutch.

About the designers:
ho mei do (A Cantonese phrase that means delicious, and is commonly used to compliment how good food tastes)

Chinese American sister-brother creatives Ashley Mui and Preston Mui launched ho mei do, celebrating Asian arts and culture, tastefully blending contemporary design with traditional ideas through gifts and home goods. ho mei do honors the legacy of their late grandfather, Bay Area small business leader and restaurateur Wong Shek Chau.

Each zodiac animal represents some traits:

Attributes: Compassionate, Open-minded, idealistic, sociable, practical, curious, experimental, and affectionate

Attributes: Kind, Strong, Dependable, Sincere, Creative, Gentle

Attributes: Artistic, Cultured, Peaceful, Sensitive Diplomatic, Modest

Attributes: Confident, Kind, Charismatic, Ambitious, Determined, Loyal, Energetic

Attributes: Intelligent, Eccentric, Imaginative, Creative, Faithful, Visionary

Attributes: Wise, Intuitive, Attentive, Attractive, Perceptive, Sensual

Attributes: Animated, Energetic, Active, Adaptable, Ambitious, Adventurous, Strong

Ram / Sheep
Attributes: Calm, Gentle, Sympathetic, Warm, Elegant, Charming

Attributes: Bright, Versatile, Curious, Innovative, Clever, Entertaining

Attributes: Observant, Flexible, Courageous, Thoughtful, Confident

Attributes: Intelligent, Generous, Devoted, Friendly, Faithful

Attributes: Compassionate, Optimistic, Sociable, Philanthropic, Kind, Patient