Looking for Langston Fragrance by Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes

Folie À Plusieurs Perfumes x Isaac Julien

A lyrical exploration of the Harlem renaissance, art, culture, race and gay desire. notes of mourning with notes of celebration.

Looking for Langston is an olfactive response to the film, a lyrical exploration - and recreation - of the private world of poet, novelist and playwright Langston Hughes (1902 - 1967) and his fellow black artists from the Harlem Renaissance, exploring themes of race, class, black sexuality and a discourse on interracial desire.

Feeling: Aroused, Awe, Daring, Empowered, Entranced, Mystified, Passionate, Rapturous, Stimulated, Surprised, Vibrant, Warm, Sensuous.

Materials: earthy, ambery, spicy, woody, animalic (transparent floral, indolic floral, leathery notes, musk, spices)/

Perfumer: Yann Vasnier