Jacquard Scarf Edition, Burgundy by Tigerbob

  • $230.00

Tigerbob is a fine art, fashion and character brand created by Gossamer Rozen. Gossamer has been creating work professionally since 2008 in the form of woodcarving, textile design, fiber art, ceramics, tattoos, drawing, painting, performing art and music (cellist), and digital art. Gossamer’s work primarily explores their identity and heritage. Imagery is bold but lighthearted and soft, featuring animals, imaginary creatures, and the world around them. Gossamer is heavily inspired by East Asian contemporary art and folklore, mythology, religion and spirituality, and old world textiles from around the world.

Tigerbob’s luxury knitwear collection launched in 2023. Made from sustainable, high quality cashmere and merino wool fibers and manufactured by Tailored Industry in Brooklyn, NY, these limited edition pieces are released monthly in different styles and colorways. All Tigerbob knitwear are made-To-order in Brooklyn, NY with 3D Knit seamless construction.

This two-tone jacquard scarf in the shape of a double-terminating sleeve. Intricate all-over repeating pattern featuring Tigerbob tiger head with sword, florals, and the TB monogram.

Limited edition of 33; 68.5 inches long; medium weight jersey knit; fabric: 30% Cashmere, 70% RWS extrafine merino wool. This item is non-returnable.