Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment

  • $59.95

This fully illustrated catalog accompanies the New Museum's exhibition Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment. “Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment" is the artist’s first New York museum survey, bringing together approximately sixty paintings from across his long career. Saul embraces vernacular culture linking between young figurative painters and older groups of artists like the Hairy Who in Chicago and the Bay Area Funk artists, who similarly operated outside the dominant critical modes of their time.

Historically, his work also connects to the Surrealist landscapes of Salvador Dalí and Roberto Matta, and to the biting political caricatures of artists such as Francisco Goya and William Hogarth. Often championed by West Coast artists like Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw, Saul’s work, pushed for so long to the margins of the art world, now proves to be a perfect expression of our horrific present.