The Other Almanac

A sparkling new take on an age-old publication: The Other Almanac brings together a stellar group of young writers, artists and activists to pick up themes of environmentalism, gardening, recipes, folklore, seasonal savvy, and off- the-beaten-track amusement, all presented in brilliant color and eye-popping design. Out with the Old, in with the Other!

The original Almanac is the oldest continuously printed publication in the US . It comprises a popular mix of ancient wisdom, garden advice, poems, jokes, how-to's, recipes, and calendars. It is, however, still tailored to its traditional audience: largely rural, white and conservative. It eschews stances on anything overtly progressive, be it political, ecological, or social.

The Other Almanac puts right these omissions. Whilst retaining the quirkiness and liveliness of the original, it aims to bridge the urban/rural divide in America, delving into issues of politics and culture that unite us all. Its pages are filled with buoyant contributions from climate organizers, indigenous activists, migrant farmworkers, historians, scientists, medicine makers, incarcerated painters, astrologers, lawyers, borderland midwives and more. Original, full color art surrounds their writing, creating an inviting, accessible yearbook that will entertain and educate a wide new readership for an age-old chronicle.

2023; paperback; 5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches; 156 pages; ISBN: 9781682194218.