Starchild Edition

  • $500.00

Starchild, a limited-edition 16-inch metal sculpture that commemorates Their 50 ft. public art sculpture commissioned by the City of Miami Beach. Starchild is the main character in FriendsWithYou's newest body of work, where they rename the Earth to “Ocean” as a means to unify the planet by a name. Starchild is a symbol of light, power, and nature. Starchild brings light and all good things into your home!

FriendsWithYou is the art collaboration of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, created with the intention to bring more joy, kindness, and love to the world. The collaboration is a vehicle for the exploration of emotional healing through culture creation and art making. Each work is created with the intention of transcendence, and nurturing care for the viewer or participant. FriendsWithYou’s meaning is in its name, in that everything in the universe can and wants to be friends with you, an aide in the promotion of love, harmony & peace in our lives. Their goal is to connect and heal as much as possible through their work, to grow the love and joy in each person, creating an exponential aggregate of sharing, healing, and compassion for each other and our living planet.

2023; painted stainless steel sculpture, 9 x 2 x 16 inches (LxWxH), packaging: 20 x 4 x 14 inches (LxWxH); limited edition of 500.