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Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Float by Cindy Sherman, + POOL, Third Drawer Down

Cindy Sherman, + POOL, Third Drawer Down

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The Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Float is a 6ft, metallic silver phone-shaped pool float that you can bring in the water or just keep as a sculpture for your home. It is packaged in a practical swim bag with Cindy Sherman's motto: "I'd rather be swimming." Cindy is known for exposing how culture shapes appearances, shattering conformities through portrait based photography and through experimentation with apps and her @cindysherman Instagram account. This float features a selfie image that was accidentally created when two pictures merged on the artist's phone.
This float was made in collaboration with Cindy Sherman, Third Drawer Down and + Pool, a nonprofit that is planning a river-water filtering swimming pool in New York.
Open Edition
Designed and produced exclusively by Third Drawer Down in partnership with + POOL
A portion of the sales will go to Friends of + POOL

Product Specs:

Item No. 10027199
Size 6' x 66" x 35"

New art. New ideas. New product.