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XX XY Blocks

XX XY Blocks

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Art by Lawrence Weiner

Weiner was born in the Bronx, New York. His work in the early 1960s included six years of making explosions in the landscape of California to create craters as individual sculptures. He is also known during his early work for creating gestures described in simple statements leading to the ambiguity of whether the artwork was the gesture or the statement describing the gesture: e.g."Two minutes of spray paint directly on the floor.." or "A 36" x 36" removal of lathing or support wallà" (both 1968). Since the early 1970s, wall installations have been Weiner's primary medium, and he has shown at the Leo Castelli gallery. Nevertheless, Weiner works in a wide variety of media, including video, film, books, sound art using audio tape, sculpture, performance art, installation art, and graphic art.

Edition of 1,000
Third Drawer Down; 2011; 9 1.5" square wooden blocks

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