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Get Weird Playbutton

Get Weird Playbutton

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Curated by Ethan Swan. Playbutton designed by Brandan Fowler. Audio Mastering by Fred Thomas.

Get Weird is the New Museum's monthly new music series. Since 2007, the series has presented over forty programs, and hosted the New York debut of a number of artists. Get Weird was established in the belief that contemporary art is a dialogue, and that music is a part of this dialogue. While the Museum's downtown neighborhood is dense with live music, I believe that our theater provides a unique opportunity for artists to try out new ideas and explore the far edges of their practice. I am grateful to the many artists who have taken up this challenge and am honored to present this selection of recordings from the first five years of Get Weird. I hope that this Playbutton offers you something exciting, unexpected, overwhelming, emotional, and, um, weird.
-Ethan Swan

Track List:
1. Remost Burial Eclipsed
2. High Places From Stardust to Sentience
3. Gray Wig
4. Lexie Mountain Boys (Never) Forgive
6. Deakin untitled
7. Keyboard Kid I'MGOD&DEVIL
8. Damned Dogs Part Two
9. Nick Zinner Music For Dream Machine
10. Xeno + Oaklander Sets and Lights
11. Eric Copeland FKD
12. Maher Shalal Hash Baz A Boogie
13. No Age Excerpt from The Bear
14. Kria Brekkan untitled
15. Main Attrakionz Legion of Doom

Limited Edition of 500
New Museum; 2012; stainless steel; 1.625" x .275" thick

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